About Us

Prahran Health Foods is one of Melbourne’s most well established health food stores

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Prahran Health Foods is one of Melbourne’s most well established health food stores. Conveniently located next to the Prahran Market and Chapel Street, it has become a destination spot for the educated health consumer.

With a comprehensive range of over 5000 products, Prahran Health Foods prides itself on having the hard to find products that are not available in most stores.

Prahran Health Foods has a free loyalty program that rewards its members with discounts and coupons. But most importantly, is is a hub for those who are looking after themselves through food, supplementation and a healthy lifestyle.

Our highly educated staff are always willing to guide you in choosing the most appropriate path for you to take on your journey to health. We take pride in researching and stocking the latest and most innovative products, keeping us at the forefront of complementary medicine.

Our diversification

For the past twenty years Prahran Health Foods has been a sought after destination for those interested in natural health. Our focus has always been diverse and centred on a balanced life-style. This has led to us extending our dwelling to offer a new Upstairs home for Yoga, Pilates, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Massage and more.

The Orchard Prahran is conveniently located on Level 1, 201 Commercial Road, South Yarra above Prahran Health Foods.

The launch of The Orchard Prahran in early 2014 signals an expansion of our downstairs philosophy to accommodate the fusion of a healthy mind and a healthy body.

The next time you visit Prahran Health Foods, ask to take a few steps upstairs to see our new space, The Orchard Prahran, your journey to health.